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see????? nothing here….. 🙂   🙂 I actually had to post something here to make the category appear, but im sure u get the drift……


the impressions we leave

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Footsteps, trails, maps, comments. The comments we make on each others blogs lead into a conversation, and a new world of possibility.

Zannie and Shari have already trippled my blogging capacity by adding a comment, not because of the amount of links they provided, although that is part of it, but because they have engaged in a discourse that allows 3 minds to be working simultaneously on a single thought… creating much more than a single thought and taking the authorship from ‘me’ to ‘us’.

is there such a thing as slightly less relevant in blogging?

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I just wanted to demonstrate that nothing in blogging is irrelevant. Every thought or comment we make holds a place in the process. Our personal feelings and thoughts bring our blogs alive, transforming what could easily become sterile and boring into something equally fun to write as it is to read. As you will see if you go to the totally irrelevant just random thoughts section- it is empty.

Our random thoughts are integral to the process of blogging, adding to the experience and enjoyment, and  give academic bloggers a more personable and approachable  format in which to work, that draws people in to their lives, as well as their ideas.

2 days to go…

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Well I am almost at the end of my blogging essay. In just a short time i have explored how blogging is densly interlinked, and that the way in which a blog can grow is diverse, but equally effective.

Whether using vlogs, pictures, short posts, long pages, comments and replies, few or many links, overall the basis of our blogs reflects entirely on us. We are feeding each other and 2.0 is allowing this discourse to stretch the branches of this global tree.

whats in a word

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In response to the thoughts of publishing poetry online by zannie, i have to add that 2.0 has taken creative writing online one step further, by allowing interactivity with the author; the given ability of commenting and adding feedback, even to the point of being able to edit each others work in collaboration like a wiki, writing has taken on a whole new form.

The interactivity of storytelling has also been researched as a thesis by one of the authors of the quote this blog/essay is based on, Jill Walker.

Walker explores the ability to create a fictional character online, where everyone is an author. Its a fascinating exploration that shows in great depth the level on which 2.0 has altered the way in which we write.

Riding the surf trail

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Bloggers leave a trail. A map of where they have been, and clues to where they are going. An online adventure, a pathway with multiple choices, that each person can view and play along with, creating their own path as they go.

The links within individual sites become heavily imbedded the more people jump on the wave, and the blog increases in its density, thickening and widening, spreading like the plague.

Anders Fagerjord aptly named this communications practice as a surftrail. (For interests sake and some amusement, Anders actually posted a very interesting post on his blog tue 24 Jan 2005, on ‘why are links blue?’

I find this fascinating, and am glad myself and my classmates are not the only ones pondering this question:)

Back to the topic, I agree with Evan Williams of Blogger fame, in regards to his three part blog concept: Frequency, Brevity and Personality. These three things make the surftrail come to life, and entice others to join in.

A blog contains a variety of regular posts that are relevant to the topic, that retain personality, and reflect a journal style of thought collecting, allowing other people to engage within the blog, and hold their interest. They encourage feedback and shared thoughts- for this is the real basis of 2.0, and the surftrail begins.

Sunday Bloody Sunday

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My head hurts.

Sunday mornings should be relaxed and pleasurable, not painful and thumping.

To aleviate this unpleasantness i am going to lay down and read, and attend to my blog later.

The plan for today is to search blog sites for anyone else that may be writing a similar or non the less interesting blog about blogging, or academic discourse on a related topic, and start sharing my love around.

I would like to start a conversation and try to get a little feedback on my own blogging thoughts.